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How NNIT SafeCoder™ generates high impact

​To prevent counterfeit and its lethal and  financial impact, regulation requiring serializa- tion is enforced. But even serial numbers can be counterfeited, especially if batches have sequential codes. Enter the need to generate unique bar codes and serial numbers that are not computed algorithmically. Such capability also needs to operate globally to ensure  compliance around the world. NNIT’s SafeCoder™ does exactly this.

As the pharmaceutical industry has grown in complexity, so too has its supply chain. There are more products, devices and ingredients, and this has led to the expansion of intermediaries. There is, therefore, a heightened risk for a counterfeit product or ingredient to slip in unnoticed at some point between the producer and the patient.

More than simple serialization

NNIT SafeCoder™ provides random and unique serial numbers, both alphanumeric and numeric. And because they’re random, serial numbers cannot be derived from preceding numbers  or cartons, making the work of counterfeiters much harder.

Serial numbers are generated in real-time,  with requests for up to 10 million serial numbers that can be met within ten minutes. These numbers are then checked against the cumula- tive historical database to verify they have not been allocated previously, before dispatching for use. The combination of random generation followed by verification for first time use makes NNIT SafeCoder™ unique among solutions in  this space.

Minimizing disruption and protecting existing investments

NNIT SafeCoder™ can be exploited separately  or as part of the serialization package. Because it is a software solution that needs only an administration module, a number generator  and a SAN box for storing, implementation is relatively straight-forward and can be deployed with a minimum disruption. It fits with known ERP application and integration platforms, so there is no need to replace existing track-and- trace investments in order to accommodate NNIT SafeCoder™.

Brand value and tracking efficiencies beyond compliance

There is much more to NNIT SafeCoder™ than compliance, though. Unique identification of every packet of drugs can lead to improved recall efficiency and removal of expired pro- ducts from the markets and system. The data  that can accumulate from knowing the ‘journey’ of each package of drugs is huge, and can provide valuable insights into the supply  chain. Improved transparency of any process  is typically an offset to improvements in  efficiency simply because everyone involved  can see the blockages and problems and the immediate benefits of fixing the issues. Significantly, there is a huge potential to  improve logistics, production and marketing  and sales, including sales forecasting, by  integrating sources of information that were traditionally kept separate.

The biggest impact though is on brand owners. Demonstrably trustworthy processes above  the minimum compliance requirements means patients and physicians alike enjoy greater reassurance. This technology-enabled support to the brand proposition matters.

To date, NNIT SafeCoder™ has found resonance with a diverse set of stakeholders, from Global Brand Protection managers who seek better ways to safeguard patient safety to Supply Chain Integrity managers who appreciate the insights afforded by data collected through  truly unique identifiers.








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