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Qualify your projects with PPM

​The objective of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is to determine the optimal mix and sequencing of proposed projects to best achieve the organization’s overall business objectives.  

Lack of PPM – do you recognize the symptoms?

A lot of money and time are invested in projects, but often they do not support the business strategy and overall objectives and should never have been launched in the first place. When they do, it is due to a lack of PPM. Among others, the symptoms of a lack of PPM are:

  • Weak governance structures mean that business executives don’t have clear ideas of what they’re approving and why
  • The organization does not build good business cases for IT projects
  • The organization attempts to conduct more projects than it has the capacity to do
  • No visibility of what is being done throughout the organization
  • Completion of projects that do not meet a strategic need and in the process may have postponed other and more relevant projects
  • Intense competition between departments when staffing and funding projects. 

The benefits of effective project portfolio management

NNIT delivers an approach to PPM that ensures alignment with the overall strategy and business objectives. With the right focus, organizations will only incorporate projects in the portfolio that contribute to realizing the identified business priorities.  
PPM provides: 

  • Stringency in the project selection process  
  • Linkage between the project selection and strategic objectives and metrics
  • Prioritization of project proposals based on a rational and common set of criteria
  • Allocation of resources to projects in alignment with strategic direction
  • Balancing of risks across all projects
  • Clear insight into benefit realization of the entire project portfolio and how projects contribute to realizing business targets.     

NNIT's solution

NNIT has a proven track record on Project Portfolio Management and can help you create a portfolio-minded culture. The NNIT Project Portfolio management framework includes: 

  • Assistance to establish a clear status of your current Portfolio
  • Set up of governance to drive PPM and provide a relevant mandate
  • Elevation of PPM to a strategic level
  • Implementation of the appropriate tools and practices
  • Assistance to build the benefits realization road map. 







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