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Make cybersecurity part of the employee mindset

Security is also about culture 

Businesses today are faced with serious challenges regarding cybersecurity, where cyber threats are increasing at an alarming rate. These developments require new ways of thinking and acting in order to protect the business from financial and reputational damage. 
While organizations typically place great focus on the process and technology aspects of cybersecurity to protect their organization and systems, often rather little is done to ensure that human behavior supports the securing of assets.  

Kickstart security awareness 

At NNIT, we believe that employee behavior and actions are the key to a successful security initiative. It is, therefore, essential to get employees’ attention, so that they can gain an understanding of the challenges faced by the business and help them understand how they can help protect the business from potential threats.  
NNIT’s Cybersecurity Awareness Service is designed to kick-start increased security awareness in an organization and to lay the foundation for a security mindset in employees. It includes the following elements: 

  • Identification and early engagement of relevant stakeholders 
  • Impact assessment to address all of the angles of how the IT Security initiative affects your organization 
  • Setting KPIs for the short and long term for security maturity 
  • Design and implementation of a security awareness campaign, containing: 
    • Communication and Engagement approach
    • Training approach       
    • Training execution targeted for relevant audience groups
    • Measurement approach for long-term sustainment  

Benefits of cybersecurity awareness

Understanding the importance of, and investing in, cybersecurity awareness in your security initiative will ensure that your employees become an active part of the journey and solution by: 

  • Making security tangible and relevant to employees in their daily work
  • Ensuring that the security maturity level is gradually increased 
  • Ensuring that leadership on all levels understand the important role they play in terms of showing clear support, deep involvement in – and adherence to – the initiative
  • Laying the foundation for a lasting security culture, anchored in the core values and strategy of the organization.  

Why NNIT as your partner for cybersecurity awareness?

NNIT has a solid cybersecurity portfolio and extensive experience and best practice, which unites the technology, policies, and people aspects of cybersecurity. Our proven organizational change management methodology and a strong consulting team with IT security knowledge enable us to act as valuable facilitators between the business and IT teams in your organization.  







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