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The fast way to scope your next Argus project

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Evaluating release notes for a long series of incremental Argus versions, and then identifying areas of potential impact is complicated and timeconsuming. In fact, pharmaceutical companies often spend weeks and months between the line of business and IT trying to decipher and agree upon which Argus version has the most relevant features and bug fixes to deploy. But help is at hand. 
Thanks to 14 years of experience with Argus implementations for life science companies, NNIT has developed a structured approach to handling a fast scope evaluation. In the process, we use workshops where we draw upon our knowledge database of all the recent features and bugs released by Oracle to help you lock down the scope of your next Argus upgrade.  

Achieve compliance easier 

One of the most complicated parts of upgrading any safety system is controlling the cost of compliance. Testing and validation can easily get out of hand, unless you have a wellstructured risk-based approach. NNIT offers a clear path to pinpointing the requirements you need to re-test in an upgrade situation and can give you advice on what new features can do for you in a cost/benefit setting. As a result, our customers enjoy a fast, yet predictable, way of achieving an upgraded and compliant safety database.           


  • Focus your efforts with a customized approach to your upgrade with an NNIT Argus scoping workshop. 
  • Take control of your compliance efforts, systematically evaluating new features and applying riskbased validation for existing functionality. 
  • Enjoy benefits from our pharmacovigilance/business, as well as technical knowledge.  

About NNIT

NNIT has a proven track record in implementing, hosting, and supporting safety systems for a number of major pharmaceutical clients. We offer various safety systems including the Oracle Argus suite, a configuration-based, pharmacovigilance safety suite that provides complete case management and regulatory reporting functionality. 







NNIT here+45 7024 ​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​ here



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