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IT Security Health Check

​Risky business

The accelerating digitalisation of commerce and communication has hugely reduced the cost and increased the flexibility of invoicing, purchases, deliveries, customer service, research collaboration, etc.
As a consequence of the digitalisation of these crucial supply lines, criminals have begun making money or fame on industrial espionage, identity theft, politically motivated sabotage, etc.
We help you take control of information security, business continuity and audit issues through our IT Security Health Check.


Your company benefits on several levels:

  1. Clarity about IT security risks and mitigations for your company
  2. A tailormade decision tree to evaluate the IT security measures necessary to reduce your IT risk to acceptable levels
  3. A clear and practical roadmap for implementing security measures to achieve a swift reduction of IT risks

We focus on best practices and international standards based on our diverse, cross-industry experience with practical IT security challenges.

Our approach

By executing the following primary activities we help you to understand your risk and succeed within budget and on time:

  • Engaging your key stakeholders in scoping dialogues to establish a roadmap for the strongest positive impact of IT security measures 
  • Creating a decision tree with your managers for IT security decisions 
  • Establishing a detailed IT security roadmap for reducing IT risks 
  • Assisting you in preparing, presenting and following up on business cases to senior management

We can also assist you in executing the implementation roadmap to maximise your benefits.

NNIT and IT Security

NNIT’s experience covers General Information Security, Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity, Administrative Controls, Logical Controls and Physical Controls – to name some.
With our broad cross-industry experience and our wall-to-wall IT service background, we offer you solid expertise on the best ways to reap real value from IT security activities and investments.








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