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Investigate before you invest

The financials of decision making

The objective of Business Cases is to determine the financial impact scenarios of new IT projects across their lifetime. 
This requires thoroughly investigating and understanding the cost- and benefit drivers as well as quantifying the associated risks. 
This allows business executives to make informed decisions prior to investing and to set realistic stakeholder expectations for returns and costs. 


Identifying and undertaking the best value-adding projects given your priorities can be difficult – especially if: 

  • Your organisation has the need, but not the time, to identify and monitor the financial value of investments 
  • You need a business case framework, incl. templates,  which fits into an integrated project portfolio management model 
  • The cost of relevant risks are elusive and hard to quantify 
  • Your time for embedding business case performance metrics in the regular decision making process is less than you like. 

The value of business cases for decision support 

NNIT provides a clear framework, expertise, and a range of industryadapted templates for accelerating relevant financial analyses for holistic value-based evaluations. The framework includes:  

  • Financial analysis 
  • Lifecycle performance measurement 
  • Quantified risk analysis 
  • Executive summary.  

NNIT's solution

The NNIT Business Case Framework provides you with a solid financial foundation for analyzing, selecting and monitoring investments. You will: 

  • Optimize your goal achievements by making the most optimal choices 
  • Standardize analysis, documentation, reporting and presentation  
  • Enable well informed management decision-making 
  • Increase organizational awareness of how to use business cases as part of fact-based decision making. 

We know that funds are limited – so they must be used where they bring the most value. 
NNIT’s Business Case Framework helps you achieve just that. 







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