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Protect your IT investments – with NNITs Database Health Check

​Be in control of your data

All IT environments need a check-up from time to time to protect and secure existing IT investments.
NNITs database health checks are a way to ensure that your infrastructure- and application-investments is properly optimized and we cover every inch of your database using specialized health check techniques with more than 200 individual health metrics.

This Health Check will highlight current performance bottlenecks if any, and reveal possible configuration issues that need to be addressed. The key is to identify existing problems and their elements which can become a problem for availability and/or performance. Also basic database security configurations are checked to assure this database is compliant with the latest  security policies.

NNIT’s approach

To ensure maximum value for the customers  DB Health Check, NNIT deliver a written report documenting the database, detailing any concerns that were uncovered during the analysis, as well as our recommendations for both performance improvement and issue resolution with focus on what is important to you and your business investments. This report will have clearly defined priorities based on the results of the analysis, and will be followed up with a personal meeting to discuss the findings with the NNIT team.

NNIT is also available to assist with the implementation of the recommendations contained in the report document.

Health check measurements

The database health check can cover best practices in security, overall configuration, performance tuning, query tuning, availability, Lifecycle management, and other key database checks, while focusing on specific problem plans, or concerns. You will receive a graphic and number based overview of:

  • Activity 
  • CPU time vs. wait time 
  • Wait classes 
  • Memory efficiency 
  • User type activities 
  • Bad SQL 
  • Redo log activity 
  • Security 
  • Registry components validity 
  • Invalid objects per owner 
  • And much, much more.

The NNIT Health report

The outcome of the NNIT Health report is  a graphic- and number based overview  which present the most critical or important areas of your environment.

On the next page you will find examples  to visualize the very precise indications  this report will provide to you and your  team in regards to your IT environments conditions:

Example 1 – Capacity planning. Know your resource consumption over time


Example 2 – I/O statistics to monitor disk latency


Example 3 – Know where to start tuning








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