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Information Management Assessment

​Eliminate inefficient processes

With the increasing interest in analyzing and refining data for mission-critical decision companies need to eliminate inefficient business processes as they hinder the ability to compete.

As market competition intensifies, control of  the business processes becomes a major issue for management and the responsible lines of business.

The untapped data can potentially transform the processes from a cost of doing business, to useful assets in the value chain.

Provide the optimal decision foundation

Simply put, benefits come from improved quality of managerial decisions and reduced costs of information retrieval.
NNIT has automated business processes to lower costs and standardise reporting. We can identify the information requirements and accurately forecast your gain potential.

By improving and automating processes, management can become proactive instead  of reactive. This includes, but is not limited to: trend forecasting, pattern recognition and data correlation.


NNIT's solution

Our approach to Information Management  is centered on business processes and how information is generated and presented to proficient users. Deliveries include:

  • Identifying high-level business requirements  
  • Business process analysis  
  • High-level data audit of data sources  
  • Process mapping  
  • Data assessment  
  • Data profiling report  
  • Business case development

NNIT is technology independent and does not favour the use of any vendor.







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