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Enable the entire Veeva Vault platform – get the right guidance

Veeva Vault is a cloud-based content management platform and suite of applications that reduce complexity and increase business agility in life sciences companies – and NNIT can help you facilitate the process from strategy and advisory to implementation and support.

Traditionally, companies have had to deploy separate applications for content and associated data respectively. Veeva Vault is the only unified platform with the unique capability to manage both content and data across clinical, quality, regulatory affairs and safety. It allows companies to eliminate system, site, and country silos and streamline their end-to-end processes in a unified platform.   

This consolidation and simplification will improve both compliance and operational effectiveness of life sciences companies. Indeed, unified platforms like Veeva Vault mark the end of high cost maintenance. NNIT has chosen Veeva as our partner and invested a heavy amount of resources in building services, competences and references within the Veeva domain.

But getting the full benefit of the Veeva platform requires proper and strategic planning, carefully executed implementation and due diligence in the continued operations and support. 

Strategy and advisory – laying the groundwork for success

Deciding on the right strategy is paramount for your Veeva systems success. NNIT is a highly experienced Veeva Service partner and our team of experts knows how to plan an effective and successful implementation of the Veeva Vault applications and the consequential support – based on your key objectives, the specific services you need and the stakeholders that need to be involved. We are born out of the life sciences industry and understand what it takes for your organization to achieve Veeva success – whether you are looking to implement the entire new platform or optimize the usage of existing Veeva applications.

We offer to bring life sciences industries in a proactive position that addresses current and future requirements, thus enabling data driven decisions, transparency and standardization. This is done by leveraging our unique combination of skills in strategy and advisory.

We offer an agile and speeded up processes of setting the future process landscape and platform based on a strategy and roadmap towards a more integrated IT set-up based on an assessment of your organization’s maturity, options and needs for moving into a cloud solution vs. an on-premise solution.

Customer Success Management services are developed for the companies who already have Veeva implemented but wish to expand and improve their use of Veeva Vault.

On-target Implementation

Implementing Veeva Vault modules is no “plug and play” service. It is essential for your success that every piece of data is migrated correctly and that your organization is geared for the change. NNIT’s team of Veeva experts is your guarantee for timely project management and thorough product configuration and data migration.
During implementation we focus on your business objectives and business cases and prioritize timely delivery and fulfilment of your expectations – and we always execute in close cooperation with both the client and Veeva.
Due to our life sciences industry insights, we understand your legacy systems and the organizational changes needed to support the transformation to a unified Veeva platform.

Stay ahead with continuous business improvements and reliable support

A successful implementation cannot stand alone. NNIT can competently manage complex IT landscapes, allowing you to focus on other business activities. We offer scalability in managed services to make sure that you harvest the fruits of your unified platform and continuously improve your process by adopting the functionality introduced in the three releases a year.   

To get the full benefit, you need to stay on top of the upgrades and new features. NNIT offer end-to-end services from level 1-3 including functional support. NNIT’s Veeva experts help you with effective and updated operations and support after the implementation phase. We constantly keep track of the changes made, and we understand how they affect your platform and needs not just from a technical point of view but also the business impact. This means that we will be able to do a proper impact assessment and do the full implementation of releases including updates of SOPs, training, change management etc. 

With NNIT’s managed service you will get access to capacity of a full-service SaaS support function to ensure a reliable platform, and life sciences business experts to assist with giving direction to your continued improvement journey on the Veeva platform.

Industry experience and Veeva certifications

NNIT believes that successful projects are the result of sound methodology mixed with experienced resources and the right combination of business and IT understanding. Therefore, we are trained, and we have long experience from the industry. NNIT is both certifying consultants as Veeva Admin, and training its solutions division internally.

  • We have 30+ certified Veeva Vault Admin professionals
  • We have more than 400 experienced Life Sciences consultants

Our profound understanding of Veeva Vault, your business processes and your legacy systems make NNIT an ideal partner to support your Veeva success.

Want to know more?

Regulatory Affairs Transformation is a NNIT core output. We have more than 20 years of experience in RA systems, and NNIT possesses expert knowledge in the field of RA transformation. To read more about our RA services, please visit our Regulatory Affairs site.

Contact us today

To begin an immediate conversation about how NNIT can help you, please contact Rune Bergendorff at or by phone: +45 3075 1747.


NNIT is an international consultancy in the development, implementation, validation and operation of IT for the life sciences industry. A NNIT solution guarantees expert advisory services and a high-quality, unique product – tailored to your needs, and with a high level of data security. We are a Global Veeva Services Alliances Implementation Partner, facilitating the process from advisory to implementation. We support optimized usage of existing Veeva applications and combine the power of our life sciences experience with our IT and GxP regulatory knowledge.


 Article written: October 2018





Rune Bergendorff+45 3075 1747 rrb@nnit.comManaging Consultant - Life Sciences Advisory Bergendorff



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