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NNIT Application Security Team identifies and manages your application security risks


A decade of infrastructure and network hardening has pushed hackers up the technology stack to exploit application security vulnerabilities as the easiest entry to your critical business systems. Gartner formulates this as "Perimeters and firewalls are no longer enough; every app needs to be self-aware and self-protecting". However, the IT industry in general has not matured its application security capabilities. Application security is for many vendors and organizations still a secondary concern until a security breach has occurred and is detected. But with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation and the substantial administrative fines it imposes on data leaks of personally identifiable information companies can no longer afford that approach. 


We assess the security of your applications through the use of best practice techniques, state-of-the-art tooling and our great experience in building and assessing highly critical and secure applications.

Assessments can be executed…

  • during development
  • before go-live
  • for a live application

…and will be tailored to your requirements. 


By the end of an assessment you will have:

  • A clear picture of the security state of your application with respect to best practices for securing personally identifiable information and business critical functionality
  • A risk based classification of any detected vulnerabilities
  • A description of how to mitigate the detected vulnerabilities to prevent security breaches and data loss. ​​​​​

We also have the capabilities to help you fix the vulnerabilities identified.


A team of highly skilled professionals, specialized in designing, implementing and testing applications with critical security requirements. It is on that solid foundation in application security we assess customer applications to identity, risk evaluate and advise on mitigations.







Thomas Lund Erichsen+4530756951tmln@nnit.comManager - Application Security Lund Erichsen



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