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NNIT’s development muscle makes Norlys more agile

NNIT has taken over responsibility for the operation and development of Norlys' ERP and CRM systems, which are being consolidated into Microsoft Dynamics 365. This will give expected savings in the region of millions, but the primary goal is a higher level of agility in development work. 

When Norlys develops its new digital products and internal systems in the coming years, it will now benefit from NNIT's considerable experience and resources. The Energy and Telecommunications Group, formed by a merger between the companies Eniig and SE, has over 700,000 shareholders, 2,500 employees and more than 1.5 million customer relationships.

Norlys aims to take advantage of the economies of scale involved in the merger to deliver more digitalization and better customer experiences. One example of this is using AI-supported CRM systems to make it easier to give advice on the purchase of electrical and telecommunications products. On top of this, a huge reduction in costs can be achieved by consolidating the two companies' central systems into one. This is one of the reasons why Norlys has chosen NNIT as a supplier for the ERP area.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Morten.jpg– Even before the merger took place, we could see that our project work at Eniig was being slowed down by discussions on resources and planning, and this was taking focus away from creating value in the business. This is why we chose to enter into dialogue with NNIT about the outsourcing of operations and development. Now we are looking at a merger where we can tap into NNIT's development energy and muscle to ensure momentum and achieve synergies faster than otherwise would have been possible, says Morten Sloth O'Donnell, Vice President of IT Development and Business Applications at Norlys. 

From special customizations to standard solutions

The partnership with NNIT is partly intended to maintain the necessary staffing levels for the demanding consolidation and development projects that Norlys is not able to manage efficiently by itself.

– We have a team of highly dedicated people who have kept the systems running 24/7. However, at the scale we are now moving to, recruiting the right number of qualified staff to ensure the ongoing operation of business critical systems would not be the most efficient way forward. For this reason, we have chosen NNIT as a business partner - not least because of their pragmatic approach to drawing up the agreement and their good understanding of our business and needs, says Morten Sloth O'Donnell.

From now on, the ERP platform for Norlys will be Microsoft Dynamics 365, and here NNIT will help to build future solutions for Norlys and migrate data from the existing Microsoft solutions; AX12, AX09, CRM13 and CRM16. With the change to D365, Norlys will be able to make better use of standard solutions and ready-to-go software components, where customization and in-house development will only be needed to a limited extent.

Making digital development more agile

Norlys expects the merger to result in total savings of DKK 250 million, and the working partnership with NNIT will of course contribute to that figure. But the primary goal is a higher level of agility in digital development. As part of the agreement, NNIT will take on a small number of employees from Norlys, and the remaining employees in the department will work in a more agile way – also with NNIT.

– An increasing number of employees really want to work in a more agile way and run DevOps, but we all need guidance on how to change our working routines, so projects become more efficient and enjoyable. The genie is really out of the bottle now, and we can see all over the business that there is a desire to carry out projects in the more closely cooperative way that agile methods encourage. We are currently undergoing a major internal transformation, and management teams are systematically working with agile teams. We have also hired an agile coach, says Morten Sloth O'Donnell.

The improved agility and clearer focus on business development in IT tasks can be felt by both employees and end customers at Norlys. One of the first projects is a customer engagement platform for Norlys Energi, which enables employees to find the best electricity and natural gas solutions for their customers. This has been combined with a new self-service portal which will eventually be extended to the entire Norlys organization. This means that customers will always have the impression that Norlys finds the best products for their needs and wishes – no matter which energy company they were previously customers of.  



Torsten Bielefeldt Schlägelberger+45 3075 5117tbsh@nnit.comVice President Bielefeldt Schlägelberger



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