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Latest-generation SAP combines stability and agility

​For years, SAP has constituted a stable operating core and supported the supply chain in several organizations. Continuing to ensure stable operation, the latest-generation SAP with SAP HANA and the SAP S/4 HANA suite is also an agile platform gearing the central business systems of the organizations to support the digital transformation.

SAP is a core system characterized by stability and robust operation. Traditionally, the system handles key processes related to the organizations’ order handling, sourcing, production, inventory, financial management, and reporting. The latest-generation SAP with SAP HANA and the SAP S/4 HANA suite allows you to obtain more agility while still guaranteeing stable operation. Indeed, agility is absolutely necessary today.

– NNIT’s customers have to handle stability as well as agility in their infrastructure, including their SAP installations. The entire business depends on stability; on the other hand, the business cannot make it without agility. One of the success criteria of the digital transformation is the ability to incorporate new technologies and do it fast on an ongoing basis according to the business needs. It is in fact a big challenge for many IT organizations to handle both, says Robert Mortensen, Head of SAP Solutions in NNIT, and he continues:

– Many organizations use SAP solutions that are more than 10 years old and we often see a system landscape characterized by “budding” where the numerous integrations give rise to challenges and affect performance over time. The complexity of the systems does simply not correspond to the business needs, neither in terms of stability, nor in terms of agility.

– Our customers increasingly demand SAP HANA and the SAP S/4 HANA suite and clearly consider these technologies to be supportive of their ambition to exploit the data and believe that they offer considerable competitive advantages thanks to fast processing of heavy, complex data sets and thanks to real-time data processing. Furthermore, SAP HANA and the SAP S/4 HANA suite add the possibility of supporting an In-Memory data layer as one of the key elements of an efficient and digitalized system landscape, ensuring stable API integration between the SAP system and the surrounding applications in the cloud. In order to support the customers in their ambition, we offer them the option to try the NNIT SAP HANA Cloud with their own test data before investing in the solution.

Cloud Services-certified SAP partner

One of Denmark’s leading SAP houses with more than 280 SAP consultants, NNIT is a full-service SAP-provider within hosting, application development, implementation and deployment of SAP applications and recently, NNIT has also become a Cloud Services-certified SAP partner.

NNIT complies with all the SAP requirements for hosting and supporting solutions in the cloud, whether through a SAP Cloud solution hosted in NNIT’s data center or in the cloud. The cloud features bring about entirely new options with SAP HANA where SAP components like for instance HR, sales and sourcing can be migrated to the cloud and thus form a digital core that is less complex and more agile.

Upgrading with the fewest possible disruptions

NNIT has extensive experience implementing SAP HANA installations based on the customer’s needs and in a way that affect day-to-day operations as little as possible.

– In connection with a migration to SAP HANA, we offer a SAP S/4 HANA Impact Assessment to our customers to define which central business-critical modules should be updated first and in which order. Thus, the system will be deployed in a way that minimizes transformation costs and ensures that the employees can quickly go on with their work. This normally means that we will begin by migrating to the SAP HANA database and only implement SAP S/4 HANA at a later point, says Robert Mortensen.​

Life sciences solutions in close cooperation

As part of NNIT’s deliveries to life sciences organizations, SAP and NNIT have started cooperating globally on a solution for the coming ISO IDMP requirements. NNIT is also specialized within logistics solutions for life sciences organizations, including SAP ATTP solutions (Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals), combating copy products, among other things, and thereby increasing patient safety via a serialization solution that ensures that a product can be tracked all the way from leaving the product line to being distributed to the end user. NNIT is among the leading SAP suppliers within implementation of SAP ATTP solutions​.

– Based on NNIT’s unique combination of SAP specialists and our long experience within life sciences, including our knowledge of the IDMP requirements, we have started cooperating with SAP to develop a new SAP S/4 HANA product helping life sciences organizations manage the IDMP requirements. Furthermore, in cooperation with SAP, we arrange a number of webinars where we share our knowledge of efficient and innovative IT solutions with the life sciences industry, says Robert Mortensen.​​​

You are welcome to contact us in order to hear about the possibilities in SAP HANA and SAP S/HANA. We are ready to help you with the next generation of SAP.








Robert ​​​​​​Associate Vice President (AVP) Mortensen



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