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Identity & Access Management as-a-Service

​​​​Let NNIT operate your IAMaaS as a cloud service or on premises. With IAMaaS, you get all the benefits that follow from an IAM system, such as a higher level of efficiency, security, and compliance, all without the burden of having to operate the system yourself.

Control data and access
The increase of technology adoption is leading to high levels of complexity. As a consequence, it is becoming harder to maintain control of data and access. This makes organizations more vulnerable to security related threats and it creates inefficiency. The advancement of cloud-based services also creates new challenges and opportunities for managing user identities and access, which has never been more important and challenging. This is especially the case in highly regulated industries, such as the pharma industry.

Therefore, it is vital that processes and policies exist to provide the right people with the right access at the right time in a secure, compliant, and auditable manner.

Do you experience some of the following IAM challenges in your organization?
It is difficult to achieve a simple and fast overview of which users have access to systems and applications
The complexity and management of your present IAM system is resource and time consuming
You are receiving audit remarks regarding insufficient control of user identities and their accesses
You would rather focus on business activities than using resources on IAM operations.

NNIT´S IAMaaS service
IAMaaS includes the operation and maintenance of an IAM Platform that supports the full Identity Lifecycle (Identity Management) and Access Control (Access Management), where an identity can access business applications through one or more accounts.

The service allows certifications, wherein employee access is periodically reviewed and certified. The connection can either be fully integrated (automation), based on flat file import to the IAM Platform, or a manual comparison.

The IAM Platform connects to your business critical applications, e.g. Active Directory, SharePoint, and SAP.​
NNIT is able to offer management and operation of the following IAM services:
  • On premises
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • ​Full Managed Service

Best practice IAM operation
Make the most of your resources by letting NNIT take responsibility for the operation of your IAM system.​
At NNIT, we continually iterate, improve, and mature our capabilities to ensure that you receive an IAMaaS offering that keeps pace with the changing IT and threat landscape.

Our IAM specialists can support you in the journey to establish the policies, processes, and management of your IAM system, which will help you to safely administrate and protect your IT infrastructure and sensitive information assets in the future. The service will:
  • Ensure the robust operation of your IAM system from NNIT’s secure data center or on premises
  • Handle service transition, incident management, service request management, and change management in compliance with the NNIT quality management system
  • Support you with a GxP validated platform, if required
  • Provide customer specific services, e.g. 24/7 support and ISO 27001, SOX, or FDA compliance
  • ​Deliver a user administration service, if required.

Benefit from operational expertise
The service combines strong IAM tools with NNIT’s operational expertise and industry experience, for example on the identity and access related compliance requirements of heavily regulated industries.

IAMaaS will assist you by:
  • Supporting your business in providing the right accesses at the right time
  • Helping you free up resources for the business side of IAM activities​
  • Raising your security level by improving control and compliance while minimizing risks and audit findings
  • ​Gaining efficiency by letting our experienced team of specialists operate and support your IAM system.​



Esben Kaufmann +45 3075 1613 ESKU@nnit.com Kaufmann



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