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IAM as-a-Service for the Pharma Industry

Cloud-based and GxP validated Identity​ & Access Management as-a-Service

A lack of control of your data can be a risky business. A fundamental part of protecting your data is knowing who has access to what at all times as well as to ensure appropriate governance and compliance control.​​​​

​​​​Control data and access​​​​

Rising technology adoption is leading to high levels of complexity. As a consequence, it is becoming harder to maintain control of data and access. This makes organizations more vulnerable to security related threats and it creates inefficiency. The advancement of cloud-based services also creates new challenges and opportunities for managing user identities and access, which has never been more important and challenging. This is especially the case in highly regulated industries such as the pharma industry.

Therefore, it is vital that processes and policies are in place to provide the right people with the right access at the right time in a secure, compliant, and auditable manner.​

Cloud-based IAMaaS​​

To​gether with Omada, NNIT offers comprehensive Identity and Access Management as-a-Service (IAMaaS) based on the best-practice standards of Omada Identity Suite running on NNIT’s GxP validated platform.

With IAMaaS, you get all the benefits that follow from an IAM system, such as a higher level of efficiency, security, and compliance, without the burden of having to operate the system yourself. The cloud-based IAMaaS is a dedicated IAM Platform hosted at NNIT’s data center. The service includes the operation and maintenance of an IAM Platform that supports the full Identity Lifecycle (Identity Management) and Access Control (Access Management), where an identity can be granted access to business applications through one or more accounts.

The service allows certifications, where employee access is reconciled and periodically reviewed and certified. The connection can either be fully integrated (automation), based on flat file import to the IAM Platform, or a manual comparison.

The IAM Platform connects to your business critical applications, e.g. Active Directory, SharePoint, and SAP.​


Best-Practice IAM OPERATION​

Make the most of your resources by letting NNIT take responsibility for the operation of your IAM system. Our IAM specialists can support you throughout the process to establish the policies, processes, and management of your IAM system, which will help you to safely administrate and protect your IT infrastructure and sensitive information assets in the future.
NNIT and Omada’s IAMaaS includes best-practice processes for self-service access request, automated workflows, and advanced reporting for full access overview. 

The combined services will:

  • Support you with a GxP validated platform
  • Comply with the requirements defined byregulatory authorities, if necessary, e.g. ISOstandards, financial critical requirements, SOXor FDA Compliance
  • Ensure the robust operation of your IAM systemfrom NNIT’s secure data center
  • Handle service transition, incident management,service request management, and changemanagement in compliance with the NNITquality management system
  • Provide 24/7 support, if required.

Benefit from core tools and operational expertise

The service combines Omada’s strong set of core
IAM tools with NNIT’s operational expertise and deep insight into the regulatory environment. This fully accommodates the identity and access related compliance requirements of heavily regulated industries.

IAMaaS will assist you by:​

  • Supporting your business in providing the rightaccess at the right time
  • Helping you free up resources for the business sideof IAM activities
  • Raising your security level by improving control andcompliance, while minimizing the risks and auditfindings
  • Gaining efficiency by letting our experienced teamof specialists operate and support your IAM system.



Alice Leth Sørensen+4530794721ails@nnit.com Leth Sørensen



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