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How do YOU “love your customers” digitally?

​I like to entertain the idea that you need to truly love your customer to succeed in business. If not, how will you make them love you? And I also strongly believe that in order to deliver relevant ‘love’ in context of your customers’ situation, you need to have a focus on both analogue and increasingly digital touch points.

Clearly, in the age of digital transformation, our digital touch points capture a lot of the headlines. But I would suggest that any company need to consider their relationships more holistically in context of the full customer journey that they need to support. And for many companies, that will include touch points that go beyond digital.

At least that is the case for the company I have the pleasure of being part of. Allow me to share 3 steps that helps drive the customer experience journey for NNIT with the ambition to become the easiest, most efficient and most enjoyable IT services company to collaborate with.

Firstly, when you set out to become more obsessed with your customers (remember the ‘love’ part?), clearly you want to start with a solid understanding of how you can engage with your customer - in what they view - as meaningful ways / touch points. From our perspective, we relied on structured data from our existing Customer Feedback Program plus a series of qualitative interviews with customers across industries and organizational levels. This gave us a new platform on which we could clearly identify the desired customer journey through NNIT and also help us identify gaps. In our case it turned out there was 4 distinct scenes on which we meet our customers as they journey through NNIT. Each of which containing very specific, desired experiences.

Secondly, we engaged a cross-functional, cross-site, cross-role team of colleagues in workshops to discuss specific activities and actions that we could do more of or begin to do, in order to better meet the desired experiences across the 4 distinct journey scenes. It was a great exchange and learning experience which was greatly supported by our core values being open, honest and value-adding. It was intuitive to all of us that if you truly want to be value-adding in the eyes of your customer, there is really no better way than to fully understand their desired experiences (…and then deliver on it).

Thirdly, we took the outside-in learning from the first step, the suggested actions and activities from the second step and then combined it into a very practical, inspirational guide on how we can drive even better experiences for our customers. Regardless of these are delivered digitally or not. Our CX Playbook contains specific inspiration on what all 3.000+ NNIT souls can do to deliver even better experiences and it consequently also forms the basis of what needs to be delivered digitally. As mentioned before, our values and culture play a big part in this work. In my mind your current culture will either eat any CX initiative – digital or not - for breakfast or it will propel the initiative to new heights for the benefit of your customers, your people and consequently your business.




Lars B Petersen+45 3075 Marketing​Vice President B Petersen