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Health IT creates value for patients and hospitals

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As the average life expectancy increases, lifestyle diseases become more common, the efficiency requirements in the hospitals increase, and the need for more Health IT to improve the deployment of the resources also increases.


NNIT Healthcare offers specialized IT consultancy for the healthcare sector. We take a holistic approach, which will ensure focus on the patient, support of the clinician's workflow, and optimum deployment of the technology.

NNIT's Healthcare consultants have thorough professional and technical domain knowledge and cross-organizational insight. We have a number of references regarding consultancy, development, and implementation projects and our consultants can assist with:

  • Implementation of clinical systems
  • Big data
  • Strategy consulting and Change management

NNIT has experience from a number of administrative and clinical implementation projects in the healthcare sector. An example is the implementation of a common electronic patient record for the Capital Region of Denmark and Region Zealand.


The healthcare sector produces large amounts of data every day. However, it can be a challenge to process, analyze, and interpret these large datasets. NNIT's consultants may help you deploy your data potential in order for you to identify trends, increase your knowledge of treatment effects, prevent diseases, or monitor logistics in real-time.


Digitalization does not create value in itself - it often requires changes in the workflow. NNIT's consultants can help bridge the gap between the staff and IT by planning, communicating, and preparing for the change resulting from a new IT system. It will minimize the decline in productivity and ensure that the organization gets a full return on their IT investment.


At NNIT, we believe that dialog makes a difference. We listen and inquire into our clients' needs and we have extensive experience from the healthcare sector, which we apply in our consultancy services. This ensures optimum and viable solutions now and in the future.

We contribute to change and improvement within the healthcare sector with IT support for the benefit of the patients as well as the sector.





Peter Ankerstjerne+45 ​HealthcareVice President Ankerstjerne



IT provides patients with a better overview provides patients with a better overview
Good IT practice ensures quality and sufficient time for the patients IT practice ensures quality and sufficient time for the patients
Change management in the healthcare sector management in the healthcare sector
Improve everyday efficiency in the hospital with data everyday efficiency in the hospital with data