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Enhance your QMS capabilities with CaaS

NNIT provides Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) and other services in order to help companies improve their quality management and compliance level.

You get access to a team at NNIT that provides technical expertise on the authoring and closing of deviations, CAPAs, and change management records. This improves your inspection readiness as well as your overall compliance and quality position. CaaS also has a number of other potential benefits, including:

  • On-time record closure metricsC
  • Consistent authoring qu​ality/standards across all records
  • Reduced total cost of compliance.


Outsourcing Assessment/Roadmap
Help companies assess the value, strategy, and key activities required to outsource (virtualize) their QMS capabilities. A strategy is developed based upon key business and functional areas, a model is designed that fits the organization, and a business case and roadmap are developed to allow for transition:

  • Gather the needed data and information for the analysis of virtualization.
  • Quantitatively and qualitatively examine the collected data and information to determine the virtualization options.
  • Develop recommendations for a future state virtualization model, including associated business case.
  • Clearly define and layout the activities needed to achieve a future state model for virtualization.

Caas Approach.png

Outsourcing Operations

Transition identified Quality and Compliance activities to NNIT, which will work as part of your Quality organization.

  • A quality records team is assembled that has the compliance expertise and experience of pharmaceutical and medical devices processes across the research, development, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and after sales field operations.
  • To ensure regulatory and client procedural requirements for timeliness and record quality, NNIT tracks each step of the development and approval process.
  • By establishing visibility on the expected service levels and measuring performance, we are able to drive improvement.
  • ​We are able to scale our involvement, whether supporting a single department or managing quality records for a global multi-national corporation.



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