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Digital Employee Onboarding

​Getting started in a new position in a company can be a daunting task. On top of that your employees have to learn how to use all of the essential IT systems and tools of your company. This is often a difficult chore since the right competencies neede to educate new employees are spread across multiple people.

The Digital Employee Onboarding course will ensure that your employees get the proper introduction to the essential tools and systems of your company. We can create a tailor made digital onboarding course for your employees to be educated within the disciplines that you find necessary. This can function as standalone courses or as an integrated part of your onboarding program.

The course is mainly targeted at new employees, but can also be used in order to onboard existing employees to systems that are relevant to newly assigned tasks within the company.


The duration of the course ranges from 1-3 hours, and it can take place at NNIT premises or at customer site.



If you are interested in setting up a Digital Work Place course in your company, you can request to be contacted by one of our instructors in order to agree on a set up that matches the specific needs of your organization. Please fill out your contact details below and choose "Digital Employee Onboarding" in the course dropdown menu. We will then get in touch with you as soon as possible. The price for this course will be subject to change depending on the requirements of your organization.



Christina Rothausen+45 30778280csdr@nnit.comBusiness Consultant Rothausen