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Building Global Virtual Collaboration


Businesses that collaborate globally face increasing demands for Information & Communication Technology (ICT), however, if virtual collaboration capabilities are insufficiently leveraged, traditional phone calls and unnecessary travel will still be a cost driver. 

It is our experience, that a focus on virtual collaboration capabilities enabled by MS Lync, for example, will result in great benefits to your virtual collaboration strategy.  
How does NNIT Management Consulting execute projects to build virtual collaboration capabilities in your organization?


An Organizational Change Management Strategy aims to build capabilities in using virtual tools to collaborate. We also help raise awareness and commitment to virtual collaboration and educate ambassadors to train the organization. 

The benefits of increased usage of virtual collaboration tools in your organization include:  

  • Reduced travel cost through virtual meetings instead of physical meetings 
  • Quick access to competencies located in different parts of the world 
  • Project team collaboration across time zones 
  • Reduction in traditional phone calls. (Our experience shows  up to a 50% decrease in pure call percentage)                       

NNIT’s solution

Through Organizational Change Management, NNIT Management Consulting helps your organization to understand how to leverage new tools.  

The first step is to assess how well virtual collaboration is leveraged today by assessing the impact of organizational capabilities and determining the specific training development needs. 

Secondly, planning and executing a strategy to raise the awareness of and the commitment to virtual collaboration by having the leaders commit to virtual collaboration, and thereby showing the good examples and addressing what is required by the organization and employees. Virtual training is executed and change is anchored by appointing ambassadors and e.g. System Management – depending on the chosen governance model.  Follow-up on the implementation of e.g. MS Lync to ensure that the benefits are realized and to showcase the really great examples is key for success. 

NNIT Management Consulting has shown great results in building virtual collaboration capabilities for our customers’ benefits.  







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