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The role of IT in constant change


Between juggling business demands, cost optimization initiatives and staying on top of technological developments – do you ever pause to think how all this impacts your organization?  When the focus of your department changes, it brings out the need for a redefined purpose supported by matching competences.

“Who are we if we outsource infrastructure to one vendor and applications to another?” 

With dedicated focus on delivering the business cases, the long-term visions and purpose of IT departments are often sacrificed. 

This often results in uncertainty in the business concerning IT support and uncertainty amongst IT employees about where the department is headed. 

Another typical scenario is unrealized benefits because of outdated definitions of roles and responsibilities leading employees to continue to work in old ways. 

Unaddressed competency gaps is another area which is often found. This leaves employees and the organization ill-equipped for delivering on business demands. 


We ensure that the path to “who we are and what we do” is in clear line-of-sight to your IT department and equally important to the business you support. NNIT’s OCM service sets you on the path to achieving an IT organization that is fit to deliver against business demands.

Our framework ensures clearly defined and implemented processes, including supporting roles and responsibilities. In addition, it provides a clear roadmap to mapping required competencies and building employee development plans to ensure a low attrition rate.

Through this structured approach to organizational change, you will be able to live out your ambition of being a trusted technology advisor to your business, while you maintain a resilient identity that remains clear regardless of new projects undertaken.

NNIT’s solution

NNIT has strong track record of working with organizations going through change.

We support you in building and communicating your vision and we work with your organization to develop and implement the right processes, governance and roles. 

Our experienced consultants ensure relevant and tailored training to bridge the competency gaps that derive from organizational change. 

We measure the results of the change to assist you in realizing the full business value. 







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