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OCM Training Services


Training is an essential part of an IT implementation. Without the right training approach, new users will not understand the importance of a changed behavior, feel ready, or be fully equipped to work effectively with a new solution or service.

Have you ever experienced that:

  • Users are unable to use applications effectively. 
  • There are different levels of process understanding across the receiving organization. 
  • There is limited understanding of the benefits of a new solution. 
  • The support function is overwhelmed with questions. 
  • Responsibilities in regards to training ownership and delivery after the project’s completion are unclear.

Benefits by strong training focus

New ways of working are often not internalized in the user’s behavior. The primary cause is that users do not understand the need for a new solution. Correct training helps users understand the need which results in a successful implementation.

A strong focus on training with a holistic training strategy, including planning, execution, monitoring, and securing effectiveness will give you and your Project:

  • Process understanding in the receiving organization and an understanding of how the solution is used to support new roles and responsibilities; 
  • Users ready for go-live with knowledge of how to navigate the solution and its features; 
  • Delivery of expected benefits through KPI monitoring; 
  • Independent users who are able to find solutions to questions on their own; 
  • A training approach that can be used after go-live and project closure; and 
  • A training approach scalable to suit all levels in an organization for both local and global organizations.

Customized training solutions

NNIT training services offer customized training development and training execution. Our approach includes analysis, planning, development of training materials, execution, and evaluation to ensure a successful training solution fit for your project and organization after the project ends. Through numerous projects, NNIT has practical hands-on experience in working with clients to customize the training effort. NNIT training services offer:

  • Advisory services on the training approach customized to fit the purpose; 
  • Training development in collaboration with the technical teams, including software vendors and subject matter experts from your organization; 
  • Development and facilitation of train-the-trainer workshops;  
  • Instructor-led training to focus on explaining new roles and responsibilities; and  
  • Web-based training to cater for large user groups and flexible learning situations.  







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