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Your satisfaction is our bread and butter

​The purpose of EvalGO

Thank you very much for the trust you have shown us by choosing NNIT as your IT partner. Your continued satisfaction with the services delivered are important to us. Hence, we have established a Customer Feedback Program to closely monitor your satisfaction with us and our deliveries. Your participation is the important feature. 
The EvalGO survey is part of NNIT’s Customer Feedback Program and serves as a formal feedback channel for you, every third month during the entire lifespan of your delivery. The EvalGO survey is used for any type of delivery, such as projects and service level agreements (SLAs).  
The delivery responsible at NNIT is qualifying the respondent, to ensure it is the service owner/contract owner who can evaluate the total scope of a delivery, and compare the experiences with the contract terms.  

The format of the survey

The survey is web-based, and consists of five closed and two open questions. The questions revolve around:  

  • The quality of the delivery 
  • Our ability to deliver within deadlines 
  • Our competencies 
  • Our communication skills 
  • How well we collaborate 

We urge you to use the open questions, as the written feedback is a good supplement to let us know where exactly we are doing well and where we can improve.
Since the survey is executed every third month, we would like the rating to be a reflection of your experiences within the last three-month period.

Transparency is crucial

As soon as we receive your feedback from the EvalGO survey, the results are broadcast to your NNIT delivery responsible person(s). At NNIT, we emphasize the importance of all of our employees knowing about our customers’ satisfaction. This is why we also share your results with the entire organization via our BI tool and aggregate them with our other customers on a quarterly basis to evaluate NNIT’s performance on a larger scale.

How we work with feedback

We have a formalized governance of how to react to the feedback with which you provide us – both in terms of areas of improvement, as well as good experiences we can replicate in other areas of our business.
If you rate us with <3 in any of the five questions that constitute the EvalGO survey, your NNIT delivery responsible person(s) will initiate action(s). If the rating based on the EvalGO survey is not clear, he/or she will reach out to you in order to receive more details on how to achieve your satisfaction.
All actions are tracked in our Corrective Actions Hub. And actions will not be closed unless you, as our customer, agree that the issues have been solved. 






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