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Results-driven Business Optimization

​​Free the knowledge

Your organization holds a great potential for reducing cost and increasing efficiency. This potential is readily available to you through your employees. Based on interviews and analysis, NNIT helps you with collecting and utilising the knowledge, as well as documenting it.
When this transparency has been obtained, you have a solid foundation for business optimisation.

Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency

NNIT has developed, tested and refined the approach, tools and methodology to deliver measurable benefits to out customers. We combine the customer’s ideas and feedback with our own experience and solid and diverse IT capabilities. 
As a positive effect of the business optimisation, customers often expericence increased transparency within IT-infrastructure and software licensing.

NNIT’s Solution

NNIT’s solution is a structured and proven approach to:

  • Identify cost reduction and efficiency hypothesis
  • Baseline actual cost or efficiency metrics 
  • Prioritise the most beneficial hypothesis 
  • Develop management business cases 
  • Implement selected business cases 
  • Measure cost reduction or efficiency 
  • Report the measured benefits to management








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