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NNIT Shared Testing Service - an outsourcing alternative

​Value propositions

Well-defined approach to outsourcing of test 
Widely using in-house off-shore ressources
Based on standardized processes
Ensures full regulatory compliance
Cost efficient through off-shoring
Consistent level of high quality with less effort ensuring compliance in deliveries
Customers can focus on own core processes


The STS model is based on the following primary principles:

Modularized – 4 “easy fit – easy use” modules 
Coherent – all modules, or standalone modules
Scalable – can be used for all type of testing
Robust – we do things (that work) the same way every time
Formalized – standardized collaboration and handover processes 

The STS Process framework

The STS consist of the following:

Module 1 – Test Planning
Module 2 – Test Preparation
Module 3 – Test Execution
Module 4 – Test Reporting
Collaboration Model
Pre-requisites check lists
Handover check lists
Cost Model

STS Modules

Objectives and Customer Values
Strategy alignment
Test Scope definition
Test Plan preparation
Test data initiated/in place
System/application accesses in place
                        Tools, defined
                        Environment(s) – build initiated/or in place 
                        Training, initiated


Objectives and Customer Values

Plan approval
Test case preparation
Dry run execution of test cases


Objectives and Customer Values
Test execution 
Data Review (peer review)
Defect Management (handling)
Approval of test execution (test, data review and defects)


Objectives and Customer Values

Preparation of the Test Report
Approve Test Report


More modules - More value

With an increasing number of STS modules executed by NNIT, the customer will achieve a substantial leverage and a decreasing effort required

Collaboration Model

Ensure efficient and accurate on-site/off-site corporation
Define roles and responsibilities 
Ensure clear understanding of pre-requisites and deliveries
Include NNIT controls to ensure quality of the deliveries 
Ensure training and training in match with the task







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