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​Combatting counterfeit drugs

To increase patient safety and defeat counterfeit drugs, authorities are putting regulations in place to enforce serialization of all pharmaceutical products which are produced and sold. However, compliance requires a massive undertaking. Where is the best place to start? NNIT and NNE Pharmaplan can run the serialization project from advice to implementation to ongoing support, leveraging proven methodologies and adhering to superior quality standards.

Our approach

A serilization project starts with an indepth  analysis of your current business and IT situation and future requirements, so that the serialization solution will meet your exact needs and can be adapted in line with your business development. Once the solution has been designed, we implement it, ensuring full integration with ERP and other existing production infrastructure.

Global serialization consultancy  

  • Regulatory roadmaps 
  • Packaging infrastructure of company and CPOs 
  • Impact analysis 
  • Solution advisory 
  • Business case 
  • Master plan  

Implementation  

  • Program management 
  • Packaging line, data capture 
  • Aggregation and verification 
  • ERP updates and system integration  
  • Reporting to  external databases   

Change management  

  • Scope management 
  • Stakeholder management 
  • Communication 
  • Training 

Operations  

  • Data maintenance 
  • Generation and distribution of unique, randomized serial numbers 
  • Warehouse management, sales & distribution in ERP 
  • Track & Trace Solution incl data aggregation and item tracking

Optimize your business processes

As a serialization project focuses on your sales, distribution, production, and warehouse management processes, we can help you make changes that optimize your business processes.
Benefits of track & trace serialization include:

  • Leaner supply chain  
  • Improved BI through data collection and reporting  
  • Improved sales and operational planning  
  • Increased inventory accuracy  
  • More effective recalls  
  • Improved product information to clinical  personnel and patients   
  • Improved brand value

A strong combination of skills

NNIT and NNE Pharmaplan have joined forces to offer businesses in the life science industry full end-to-end track & trace services, covering all aspects of serialization. Together, we help life science companies design and execute this business critical service.
Our unique combination of specialist IT and life science manufacturing experience ensures complete product authenticity at all levels and full control over the entire process.  







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