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Mobility Strategy Assessment

​What is your strategy for embracing mobility?

Mobility means access to business data,  applications and people from anywhere,  at any time and on any device. But more than anything else, mobility is a mindset.
Mobility solutions is a way to facilitate  and balance the way your business  communicates with your customers and  employees, with options for remote,  instant and easy access to data,  information and the workplace.

The business value of mobility

Giving employees, partners, customers  and other stakeholders seamless mobile  access to applications and data can  enable and increase productivity and  sales, and improve customer satisfaction with faster and better services.

Cost benefits  

  • Reduced operational costs  
  • Improved service delivery  
  • Improved productivity  
  • Less wastage  
  • Shorter “time-to-act-on information”        

Profit benefits  

  • Retain customer loyalty  
  • Gain new customers  
  • Provide users with greater flexibility  
  • Achieve more accurate data  
  • Acquire better services 

NNIT’s approach for business results

We identify key mobility options and  benefits in the context of your business  and specify the scope of a mobility  assessment and analysis:

  • Strategic focus and business needs  
  • Process options  
  • Customer options  
  • Trends and technical outlook  
  • Implementation challenges  
  • Assessment scope  

Furthermore, a tactical plan for how to  integrate mobility in your organization  will be established, addressing the  issues of:

  • Business needs and rationale  
  • Devices, security, integration and  supporting platforms  
  • Data, applications and development  approach  
  • Mobility support and operation  
  • Mobility governance  
  • Mobility expertise and partners 

Security and data intergrity

NNIT is a full stack provider with  specialist capabilities from business  consulting to technical operation. We  have a strong focus on security, data  integrity and compliance, which ensures  a safe mobility deployment for your  business. 







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