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Information Management Outsourcing

​Who is handling your IM installation?

Information Management solutions tend to have significant administrative and maintenance costs due to a high level of application management and support for complex, customer-specific solutions. On top of this lack and retention of internal resources, the limitations in their scalability, their criticality, bottleneck problems and poor knowledge management typically add to the challenges.

NNIT’s offers IM outsourcing to help customers tackle these challenges in a cost-effective and quality focused way.

Elements of Information Management Outsourcing

If you are considering outsourcing your IM solution, NNIT can help you address the following aspects: 

  • Help identify what can be outsourced 
  • Advice on governance structure
  • Knowledge management guidance and solutions for knowledge transfer

NNIT provides services at all levels of your IM setup, with the constant goal of optimising your solution. NNIT provides both off-shore and near-shore solutions as well as local expertise, and we give unbiased advice on what specific blend will meet your specific needs.

Your business value

Your business value will materialise through: 

  • A balanced and well-managed outsourcing agreement  
  • Cost-optimised technical and functional setup 
  • Your internal resources can focus on business critical tasks rather than operational tasks
  • Reduced operational costs 
  • Service scalability

NNIT’s approach

To ensure maximum value for the customers, NNIT leverages the following activities and options:

  • Identify what can be transferred or outsourced.  
  • Advice on IM governance structure 
  • A proven, cost-efficient and effective application management methodology  







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