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Information Management Implementation

​Geting the full value from your IM investment 

NNIT finds that organisations struggle with getting the full value of investments in Information Management solutions. Often the reasons behind it are the ever-relevant challenges such as low end user adoption and acceptance, data access timing and delivery and sudden data inconsistencies caused by system changes.

NNIT services are committed to addressing these challenges and related issues and ensuring that you get the full value of your IM investments.

Elements of Information Management Implementation

NNIT can help you in the implementation of new IM solutions and enhancement of existing solutions.

The following elements comprise NNIT's IM implementation:

  • Setting up and delivering according to KPIs 
  • Analysing current challenges and suggesting solutions 
  • Advice on business processes in source systems, and their reflection in your IM solution  

Your business value

Your business value will materialise through: 

  • Improved IM strategy 
  • Wider adoption and acceptance of IM  
  • Information stewardship culture 
  • Faster decision support 
  • Overview of integration services across platforms and technologies 

Any successful information management solution is closely linked to a strong business ownership. NNIT’s Business Consulting Team and Information Management Team span the gap between these two areas and can help build a model to ensure the required business ownership.

NNIT’s approach

To ensure maximum value for you NNIT will leverage the following activities: 

  • New solutions design and implementation 
  • Conduct survey and analysis to map user experience and expectations 
  • IM strategy and roadmap for rollout 
  • Advice on business processes in source systems, e.g., ERP
  • Blended rate by combining on-site and off-shore project resources 
  • Utilise our broad and unique combination of skills from management consultancy, over application expertise to deep technical understanding.







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