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Health Check of Your IM Solution

​Is your IM solution ready for a health check?

Many companies own an expensive Information Management (IM) platform, where the users experience poor system performance, poor data quality and reliability. This is an indication that some improvement and tuning is needed, and that it might be time for an IM Health Check. NNIT has a broad, wall to-wall knowledge of IM that enables us to help you identify and free up the unused potential of your IM investment by optimising your system, analysing your solution and system design, reporting on the system status and pro-actively suggesting areas of improvement.

Elements of an IM health check

In order to address the known challenges within BI and IM installations, NNIT will, in cooperation with you, undertake the following activities: 

  • Usage analysis 
  • System and infrastructure design analysis 
  • System monitoring 
  • Reporting on load status 
  • Data quality improvement project
NNIT provides services at all levels, from database hosting to proactive monitoring and incident management, with the constant goal of optimising your solution. 

Your business value

The business value will materialise through: 
  • Faster response time and timely reporting 
  • Optimised systems and tuned infrastructure 
  • Improved data quality 
  • IM strategy guidance and a roadmap for maturity leap 

NNIT’s approach

To ensure maximum value for you, NNIT will leverage the following activities:

  • Perform system performance check and provide analysis by NNIT experts (both technical and solution consultants)
  • Together with the customer identify and describe known problems 
  • Prioritise and plan for actions to be taken 
  • Provide a report with recommended improvements and help you implement these to reap the benefits







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