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Desktop Client Upgrade

​Desktop client upgrade

The key to ensuring a successful desktop client upgrade project is the capability to embrace every aspect and every condition that impacts the desktop upgrade project.

There is much more to a client desktop  upgrade project than simply building a  new image and deploy. There is among  other things a huge communication and  coordination task involved. To secure and involve the stakeholders is crucial to come through with a great result.

NNIT’s approach for business results

Scale and complexity is the two key  elements in determining the scope for  the upgrade project and thus how your  project is graded in terms of the level of  expertise required to achieve success  with the project. 

The larger scale and / or complexity the  more important it is to find a trusted  partner, that can ensure a successfully  handling of a desktop client upgrade  project.

NNIT use customised tools to automate  different aspects of our well proven  methodology for project execution. E.g.  automation of backup of user data,  application remediation techniques and  deployment techniques.

Furthermore we aim to help the IT  organization achieve satisfied end-users  because we know the importance of  organizational change management  involved when changing the end-users  working platform.

Why NNIT 

  • Well proven methodology for project  execution 
  • Experienced with global roll-outs 
  • Experienced with large scale  deployments (+30.000 clients) 
  • High level of presentation and reporting throughout the project 
  • Strong process skills and workflow analysis 
  • High level of communication and  documentation 







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