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Outsourcing Enablement

The challenge

Today CFOs and CIOs face major concerns on how to outsource and offshore IT services effectively.
IT outsourcing is a discipline where expertise and previous experience plays a major role on the rate of success. It requires a deep understanding of the organizations outsourcing ability to facilitate sound management decisions on the most value adding scope.

Outsourcing of IT services is a long term strategic decision, costly to undertake and it constitutes a high risk for organizations new to outsourcing. The challenge is how management best decides on what to outsource, how much to outsource and when to outsource to add the most value to the organization.
The answer is a clear motive justified by a realistic business case. But where to start?

Outsourcing motives

The motives behind outsourcing are many:

  • Reduce operating cost 
  • Increase focus on core business 
  • Leverage a global knowledge base 
  • Free up internal key resources for other purposes 
  • Create a more flexible workforce in peak periods (scalability) 
  • Gain access to capabilities not available internally 

NNIT can help you in the preparation and consideration to outsource your IT. We can assess your outsourcing maturity and create a business case for your outsourcing decision. Through our proven methodology and many years of experience we can help you avoid costly pitfalls, take the necessary provisions and advise where to start to reap the benefits.

NNIT’s solution

Our advisory services cover a wide range within outsourcing and is based on many years of experience. Our approach is based on our outsourcing maturity framework that has already proven its worth at several customers across industries. 
We offer three different advisory services, depending on where your organization are in the decision process.

Outsourcing maturity assesment
Analyze the maturity level of the organization and its ability to outsource or review a running outsourcing setup. This review is done by assessment of collaboration models, roles & responsibilities, processes and technical elements such as infrastructure and documentation.

Outsourcing decision
Establish a solid decision foundation for management by defining possible outsourcing scenarios supported by a business case, solution design and organizational design.

Mobilise and anchor outsourcing project
Define and anchor a transformation and transition project by preparing detailed project design, plan and timeframe to execute a successful implementation. Assist in establishing the project organization and anchor it in the organization.







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