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Enable Your Business To Discover Freely

​The challenge

You have decided to provide business discovery through Qlik to a larger part of the organisation. 
You want to enable the end users with a large degree of freedom to do their own analysis.  
At the same time you recognise that to obtain this, a certain level of central control is needed. 
You are uncertain about what it takes to provide good and flexible Enterprise Qlik Governance. 


In short: A well-implemented governance model is the best way to ensure high user adaption and efficient development methodology. This reduces the total cost of ownership and accelerates the return of investment. 

NNIT has a long tradition in providing governance in any aspect. This knowledge and tradition establishes the basis for our Qlik-optimised governance offering. 

NNIT’s solution

NNIT recommends re-using an existing governance model as much as posible.

We deliver a prioritised list of recommended action ítems based on gap analysis between your organisation’s current governance setup and Qlik specific aspects.

Examples of essential items which must be embedded in a balanced governance model are as follows:

  • Development guidelines
  • Design guidelines
  • Process for validation of Enterprise Qlik apps
  • Process for incident and change management handling 
  • Building compentency centre
  • Program for the onboarding of new users
  • Documentation of best practices




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