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Instant Results – Fast Value

​The challenge

Your organisation has an immense unused business potential hidden in stored data.

The day-to-day need for information is handled by home-grown spreadsheet solutions repeatedly requiring manual maintenance with the limitations and risks this brings. 

Corporate Business Intelligence (BI) has a long lead time, but your organisation moves much faster than that.  


A scalable Qlik solution can be delivered quickly and with a limited requirement for one’s own technical skills. 
Information is made available to fit the business process which it supports.
You avoid long and expensive commitment up-front. 

Implementation time: one to two weeks


NNIT’s solution

Our solution is a structured approach to efficiently and quickly provide valuable reports.

Our iterative implementation model gives you:

  • Business process mapping
  • KPIs revealed and chopped into smaller sized chunks
  • Security requirements documented 
  • Information source identified
  • Development of one report (or an addition to an existing one) based on best practice report design
  • Own corporate visual identity added
  • Data load scheduling
  • Quick and efficient user learning session
  • Documentation based on the NNIT template







NNIT here+45 7024 ​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​ here



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