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Cybersecurity in the age of Digital Transformation

As the number of security incidents are rising, many organizations have realized that extraordinary measures must be taken into consideration to avoid the devastating impact that security incidents can have on businesses. Many organizations are now relying on Security Operations Centers (SOC) as a valuable and necessary resource. Breach detection and response is, however, a high complex task that requires skilled and experienced security professionals, who are both hard to come by and expensive to keep on alert 24/7, 365 days a year.

With NNIT's Cyber Defense Center, we cover our clients in all the phases of a security incident; predicting, preventing, responding, and detecting attacks. The services that we offer can work individually or in combination. In this way, we allow our clients a flexible setup, where they can choose to give NNIT the full responsibility of their security operations, or a combined setup with their own internal resources working together with NNIT's resources. We make use of our deep expertise within cybersecurity and our broad collaboration with best-of-breed technology vendors within the cybersecurity area to protect against a wide variety of threats.

Cybersecurity in the age of digital transformation is a complex task. To overcome this task, it is important that your cybersecurity strategy and controls are aligned with your business strategy, and that your security setup is specifically designed to match the needs of your business. Lastly, your security organization should be flexible and agile, allowing you to shift the focus as the threat landscape changes. And it will. Faster than we realize.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss how you can reap the benefits of a Cyber Defense Center.

Best regards,

Esben Kaufmann, Head of Cybersecurity, NNIT




Esben Kaufmann +45 3075 1613 ESKU@nnit.com Kaufmann



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