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Co-creation is the shortest way to new digital solutions

​The NNIT Azure Factory Services concept speeds up the development in order for businesses to respond quickly to new digital ideas. From the time when a new idea arises, NNIT will be able to deliver a ready software solution in just a few months thanks to close dialog and the ongoing development of prototypes. 

An app to give employees a better overview of their sales activities. An app containing digital repair instructions. And a solution delivering new digital customer services, while collecting data on customer behavior.

All three ideas are being realized in the new NNIT Azure Factory Services concept, which will make it possible to launch digital solutions much faster than before.

– Almost all customers tell us that digital development must be fast and agile, and the solution must be flexible. Today, businesses really have to be quick on the uptake, if they are going to gain a competitive edge from new technology, so long development processes for smaller projects are not viable anymore, says Søren Olsen, Director with NNIT, and continues:

– With NNIT Azure Factory Services, we take a popular Microsoft product and wrap it in a facilitated development process. We co-create with the customer from the time when the first idea arises until the solution has been designed and is up and running. It is in this way that we take optimum advantage of the customer's own business insight and the options offered by Azure Cloud. 

Overview, insight, and support

Azure Cloud is known as a cloud-based hosting platform, but it is also a platform with fully developed standard components that can, for instance, be used to build apps, IoT solutions, and bots. ​

– In popular terms, Azure is a bag of Lego blocks for us to build with when we develop digital solutions for our customers. This has several advantages. For one, we always have an updated, new technology at hand, and since the components are standardized, we will be able to deliver a solution faster and more effectively, Søren Olsen says.

The launch of NNIT Azure Factory Services has been well received by the customers and they are enthusiastic about the chance to get started quickly with Azure Cloud.

– Many businesses have heard about the possibilities with Azure Cloud. With NNIT Azure Factory Services, we provide a model that illustrates the type of solution the businesses should build on the platform, Søren Olsen says.

When NNIT has supplied the solution, the customer will also get support if the solution suddenly stops working or if the customer wishes to develop it further. A cloud world is a flow of new features and new services, so part of the support agreement is also that NNIT will keep an eye on any relevant updates. 

Close dialog and ongoing releases

A development process in NNIT Azure Factory Services starts with a business idea, which will be validated with the format Pretotyping by the business and NNIT in concert. Pretotyping is a quick test of the idea and a simple way to clarify whether the solution is worth working on. 

– Statistically, 80 per cent of all ideas will die out – simply because they are not good for the customer's business. Maybe the business or the market is not ready for it or the idea is too expensive to realize. However, it is better to get this clarified during the initial validation phase than when you have a fully developed solution that does not work as intended and is not in demand. This is a waste of the budget and resources, Søren Olsen points out.

If the idea turns out to be good, the solution will be designed and configured with the different services and components in Azure Cloud. The customer will have current access to releases.

– Co-creation is similar to building and defining the design of a ship in cooperation with the customer. The first thing the customer sees could be the design of the hull. The next time they see the ship, the hull will have been built, and the third time they can start discussing the materials, layout, etc. To stay in this imagery, we are designing a speedboat rather than a big, heavy tanker, Søren Olsen adds.

– With Azure Cloud Factory Services, NNIT will be able to realize a digital initiative much faster – and even more cost-effectively – in a way that allows the business to easily extend, minimize, or adapt the solution as it suits them. We are very pleased to be able to help our customers get started with new technologies, he says.​

How can you benefit from NNIT Azure Factory Services?

Please contact Søren Olsen if you wish to hear more about how NNIT Azure Factory Services can support the digital transformation in your organization.​

NNIT Azure Factory Services

  • E.g. suited for apps, IoT solutions, bots, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning solutions.

  • Solutions based on standard services and components in Azure Cloud.

  • Possibility of GxP solutions in a hybrid setup.

  • Wrapped and controlled by SAFe Lean-Agile and Scrum.

You are welcome to contact Søren Olsen at if you would like to know more about how NNIT Azure Factory Services can support digital transformation in your organization.​



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