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Bring innovation to your clinical trials with new digital tools

​Using Internet of Things (IoT) devices and digital tools such as wearables and smartphones, you can achieve better patient retention, improve data quality and analyze real-time patient data to bring your clinical trials to a new level. NNIT helps you harness value from this new technology to support your specific study needs.



Eliminate costly clinical trial obstacles with smart devices

Using smart sensor devices, it is possible to reduce or eliminate many of the obstacles typically driving up the cost of clinical trials, such as patient dropout, insufficient sample sizes and time-consuming data collection and
clinical site management. NNIT helps you navigate the jungle of available devices to select those best suited for your trial needs, assists in obtaining approval for non-compliant devices and handles the management of devices and support in the implementation at your sites.

Transform a smartphone into a Medical Device

Many modern devices, such as smartphones and smartwatches, contain the necessary sensors to collect medical data. With the correct compliant software, such devices can function as Medical Devices in a clinical trial setting, allowing patients to use readily available equipment that they are familiar with and feel confident using, thus improving patient retention. NNIT helps you develop Software as a Medical Device, which will ensure reliable data collection, secure storage and fully compliant transfer of data from these standard devices.

Analyze real-time real-world patient data

By using smart devices in clinical trials, the data can be gathered in real-time from the patients’ daily lives and everyday environment. The data can be made available for analysis without patients having to schedule appointments, fill out complicated surveys or visiting their doctor. NNIT helps you consolidate the data delivered by the devices, ensures that it is secure in terms of compliance and privacy and delivers it ready for immediate use and analytics.

Reuse IT solutions for maximum efficiency

IT solutions in clinical trials differs, from the way data is collected, stored, analyzed and documented. However, many functionalities are universally used and NNIT provide a compliant process for a reusable solution even cross platform. By reusing already proven solutions for tasks such as integration, upload and import of data and secure transfer of data through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, NNIT helps you cut costs and reduce development time significantly.

Fully compliant with clinical trial regulations and standards

When using smart devices for clinical trials, you need to be able to completely trust the security, reliability and compliance of the IT device. NNIT helps you choose IT Medical Devices that are secure and compliant for
your clinical study. And as an IT company in Life Sciences, we have extensive experience in supporting you or your vendor in being fully compliant with current regulation. This also means supporting compliancy for new IT
medical devices in regards to the EU Medical Device Regulation – 2017/745 and receiving the ISO13485 certificate if necessary.





Rune Bergendorff+45 3075 1747 rrb@nnit.comManaging Consultant - Life Sciences Advisory Bergendorff



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