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RA Intelligence Service

By joining NNIT’s RA Intelligence Service, life sciences companies can keep up to date with RA IT regulations – without having to invest an immense amount of time and resources in international conference participation and meetings held by regulatory authorities.    

IT processes within RA are in a process of change

Keeping track of the constant developments in Regulatory Affairs and related IT services is already a resource-intensive task. The area is experiencing significant changes due to the increasing need for information to be digitalized.

The high level of complexity is especially challenging for small and medium-size life sciences companies, as it is an expensive necessity to keep up to date. Although the regulations are publicly available, it is at conferences, meetings, and EMA and FDA networks that you can learn about best practices and how to implement new regulations.

To stay updated while saving costs your resources need to be used in a more efficient way to ensure compliance.

NNIT keeps you on track of IT Systems for Regulatory Affairs usage

In order to help companies navigate through the increasing regulatory information requirements, regulatory affairs transformation and IT systems that can support it, NNIT developed the RA Intelligence Service.

Every month, specialized consultants attend international RA conferences as well as EMA and FDA meetings on behalf of our clients. The consultants are experts in areas such as XEVMPD, IDMP, RA systems (RIMS, EDMS) and RA regulations from EMA and FDA. This means that they have the expertise necessary to sort through the knowledge gained at these conferences and transfer it to fit into the context of their clients.

The NNIT experts will produce a meeting digest and present the conference take-aways at a live webinar including an in-depth summary highlighting the most relevant and important aspects of the conference.

In this way you can:

  • keep yourself updated using fewer resources. With RA Intelligence Service, you do not need to spend valuable time and budgets on attending international conferences but can still keep your business updated on RA IT Regulation and digital transformation.

  • gain insight into the most relevant regulations. It might be challenging for your company's Regulatory Affairs team to transform new knowledge and regulations into practice, but NNIT’s experts will guide you through at the webinar.

Pay per view

The price for this service is EUR 335 (DKK 2,500) per session you join. You can indicate in advance whether you are interested in the conference, but only pay when and if you want to participate in the webinar.

The price stated is per company with no limits on the number of employees taking part in the webinar.

Do you want to know more?

If you are interested in hearing more about RA Intelligence Service, please contact Rune Bergendorff.

+45 3075 1747

You can also sign up for the service today by filling out the form below.




Rune Bergendorff+45 3075 1747 rrb@nnit.comManaging Consultant - Life Sciences Advisory Bergendorff



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