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Production IT

Ready for Digitalization?

The benefits of an MES system

Without MES and paperless production the complexity of today’s pharmaceutical production can only be managed with significant expenditure and personnel costs.

Changing over to a paperless process has many benefits and involves few risks, if carried out properly.

You can achieve better compliance and efficiency by:

  • Optimization of production processes
  • Improved use of electronic records & signatures (ERES) in compliance with 21CFR11
  • “Review by exception”
  • Production data available across multiple batches and in real time


Prepare for Pharma 4.0

Digital transformation of manufacturing processes is a key priority for many life sciences. On the road to Pharma 4.0, companies need a manufacturing software that is ready for that journey. The future of the shop floor will be made possible by a highly integrated IT architecture that provides fast processing and availability of data.

This will allow for:

  • Advanced analytics
  • Mobile computing
  • Machine learning
  • Cloud storage

…and more

The backbone to orchestrate all these services will be a new generation of MES that allows seamless integration with new technology. NNIT helps to design a Pharma 4.0 manufacturing IT and automation architecture and to make the right decision with their MES investments to be ready for Pharma 4.0.

A modern Production IT does not have to be complicated

We deliver a complete concept that not only considers the technical but also the pharmaceutical side. As an experienced partner, we will support you along the way to “paperless production” from conceptualization to implementation to a 24/7 application management service.

We will support you with:

  • Analysis and design of processes that are GMP compliant and fit for MES
  • Selection of the most suitable MES for your environment (primary or secondary manufacturing)
  • Strategic planning of global roll-outs
  • Integration into the existing IT landscape according to ISA-95



Our many years of Production IT experience in the life sciences industry will enable you to master the digital transformation in production as well as in the supply chain.

We help you to avoid implementation risks regarding scope and costs, wrong solution provider, excessive customization etc.

Download the survey report: "The Future of MES in IoT and Pharma 4.0"

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Thomas Halfmann+41 78 7499 920tohf@nnit.comGlobal Head Production IT Halfmann



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