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Integrated Clinical Environment

Managing data and the need for speed

The Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) is the solution for pharmaceutical companies and CRO’s to the urgent need to manage clinical data from protocol to statistical analysis and regulatory submissions. The ICE provides metadata driven management of data based on the CDISC and Company specific standards supported by full tractability, audit trail and versioning.

NNIT has extensive experience with the major ICE technologies, including EntimICE,  Oracle LSH and SAS DD. This enables us to analyze your organization’s needs, functions and processes and help you select the technology best suited for your company.

Once selected, we use our proven implementation methodology to bring the ICE solution to life, often with benefits being realized at an early stage. This reduces the time, risk and ultimately costs involved in these projects.




Rune Bergendorff+45 3075 1747 rrb@nnit.comManaging Consultant - Life Sciences Advisory Bergendorff




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