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The Journey to Hybrid Cloud

No matter your ambitions and existing use of Cloud, you need to identify the optimal mix between on-premise and Cloud and migrate your applications and infrastructure efficiently and securely.

​A strategic partnership with NNIT is a secure way to optimize your use of the cloud. We have the experience, processes and business insight to lead you securely and efficiently through all the phases of the cloud journey.

Below, you can read more about the NNIT Cloud Journey and how it can lead your organization securely and efficiently from legacy to the right Hybrid Cloud setup.

In this phase, the focus is on carrying out a thorough analysis and defining the strategic considerations that are crucial to the success of the journey.

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Here the technical solution is established in the cloud, so that it is ready for the business to start using it.

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This is where the business really gets going on the cloud journey. We ensure that everyone is on board and set up key working forums to optimize operations, support and development.

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​​Get an overview of all the phases of the transition from on-premise to Cloud. In this webinar you will get an overview from the initial analysis, the implementation of the cloud solution and subsequent optimization using Cost Management.

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