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Enablement: Plan and build the solution in the cloud

After the detailed analysis of your cloud-potential, it is time to plan and implement the cloud solution itself; so it is ready to use in your business. This is also where you first begin to notice how the transition to cloud fundamentally changes your approach to IT, and even the IT culture itself. 

​Once the groundwork of your Cloud-Readiness Analysis has been completed, it is time to roll up your sleeves, and get down to business. Armed with a complete overview of the existing solutions and any gaps that need filling, the goal now is to work together with NNIT's Cloud Team to put a technical solution in place.

In this phase, NNIT's architects design and set up a complete Cloud data center, which is then passed on to your IT people. From here, everything is in place to get the end users and the rest of the business on board the Cloud train.   

A new mindset

It is probably during the enablement phase that you also become aware of a fundamental change in the way you think about and approach IT. When you discuss your new cloud solution with NNIT's Cloud Team, the nature of the dialogue gradually changes and soon becomes more about the number of services than the number of servers. It is no longer hardware issues, but functions and business values that dominate the discussions.   

Quickly from plan to platform

Another noticeable difference from the on-premise approach is that speed significantly increases. Thanks to NNIT's cloud experience and thorough preparation, much of the platform can be designed and built in a very short time. This is because, as part of the process, we move from a zero-error mindset with endless requirement specifications and checklists - to a DevOps culture. This means we are quickly able to reach a Minimal Viable Product (MVP), which we can improve and customize together.

Once the enablement phase has been completed, you will have a fully functional cloud solution that is ready and waiting for the relevant end users in your business. The task now in focus is the Operations phase of the Cloud Journey.



Jesper Bagh+45 3079 ​​Head of Cloud Service Development Bagh