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7 good reasons for going cloud

While it may not make sense for all your IT to be in the cloud, some of it definitely should. Here are 7 good reasons why. 

  1. Make a fresh start – and discover new opportunities

    Especially start-ups, but also many established businesses, now choose the cloud as the natural platform for their central IT solutions. It makes them more agile, shortens lead times from months to weeks, and enables them to pick business applications the way they select new apps for their smartphones.

    Think of the cloud as a chance to make a fresh start over with your IT. 

  2. Increase your focus on core business

    Using a cloud solution makes your IT more efficient. Because its standard components are automatically updated with the latest features, you are free to spend your valuable time on product and organizational development instead of IT maintenance.
    IT decisions are decisions about the future. You may not need artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, or The Internet of Things (IoT) right now, but when the time comes for innovative technologies – you need to be one step ahead.

    Focus on your core business, your organization and your customers with a cloud solution. In the global marketplace, these are far more important than price, technology and operations.

  3. Spend less time on digital integration

    A lot of companies use considerable resources on integrating the company's different IT systems. If you choose a cloud platform – for instance Microsoft Dynamics 365 – all the solution components are available as an option from the outset. Everyone can access the data – from anywhere at all times. This increases the company's collective knowledge base significantly.
    Gain control of your company using integrated system architecture and avoid these kinds of time-consuming misunderstandings

  4. Let the IT department focus on value creation – not operations 

    Cloud computing is a new way of seeing IT. Any changes to IT, will also have an impact on your Head of IT. To avoid the temptation of continuing with 'business as usual', the journey to the cloud must be a conscious company decision. By choosing the cloud for your central business applications, your IT managers can focus on developing the business.
    Give IT managers the freedom to work with management on value creation, instead of sticking to conventional IT operations.  

  5. Reap the benefits of your investments to stay competitive
    A cloud-based infrastructure allows you to spread your IT investments evenly across the year as a fixed operational cost – while all the time reaping the benefits: No need to wait for the completion and depreciation of an IT project – you can just go ahead with the next project.
    Keep your competitive edge – while continuously developing your business.  

  6. Cloud gives you peace of mind

    In the cloud, data security, uptime, and performance are no longer issues. Your data is safe and security levels comply with current and future legislation, uptime is high, and performance levels are impressive.
    The uncertainty that might have kept companies from going cloud has all but disappeared. Cloud technologies have matured to the degree where large international companies have long since chosen the cloud.
    Choose the cloud for peace of mind.

  7. Cloud enables digital transformation

    Digital transformation involves using digital technology to change the way we do business. By moving to the cloud, you can leverage important applications and services on demand. 
    This means you are always ready to take advantage of rising technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Predictive Analytics and machine learning.
    ​​Future-proof your company with a cloud solution.



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