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Optimize your Hybrid Cloud

Finding the right balance and establishing your Hybrid Cloud is just the first step of going Cloud. Across your Hybrid Cloud landscape, there are always new opportunities to optimize and improve.

Whether it is managing your costs, tweaking performance or getting the most out of specific applications such as Veeva, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 or AX, NNIT is ready to advise and guide you.

Once you have established the foundation for your use of Cloud, you will soon discover that it inspires innovation throughout your business. With NNIT as your Cloud Advisory partner, you can seize the opportunity to work smarter and exploit your full Cloud potential.

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There is a significant change in cost management when you move from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud. In the cloud, costs can be visualized in real time, and capacity can be quickly scaled in line with your actual needs.

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Once you have started to move your infrastructure, applications, and platforms to Cloud, it is often worthwhile continuing. Together with NNIT's Cloud experts, you can carry out an infrastructure assessment and take a detailed look at your entire existing infrastructure to find just the right balance between on-premise and Cloud.

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Cloud computing moves costs from CapEx to OpEx, which provides a better overview and the only expenses incurred are for the resources you use. An increasing share of technology budgets goes to Cloud, with growth of up to 25% annually. However, the dynamic settlement requires strict management and the right approach to budgets and expenditure.

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Find out how Cloud-based SAP applications can empower your organization. Examine NNIT's checklist for moving SAP to the cloud and study our e-book.

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Veeva Vault is a Cloud-based content management platform and suite of applications that reduce complexity and increase business agility in life sciences companies – and NNIT can help you facilitate the process from strategy and advisory to implementation and application support.

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