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NNIT Cloud Services

Get a dynamic Cloud setup to match your business needs. Combine the flexibility and scalability of the cloud with the familiar NNIT virtues of solid delivery, compliance and reliability.

Whatever your starting point – on-premise, hybrid or public Cloud – NNIT stands ready to advice, build, operate and service a Cloud solution specifically suited for the needs of your business.

The journey begins with some good advice

At NNIT Digital Together, you find the kind of solutions architects and cloud specialists who can offer you a fresh perspective – and help you turn it into reality. NNIT Digital Together is not just a business unit, it is an ecosystem built with a single purpose: to work with you to find the right digital solutions to your unique business challenges.

We connect the dots between business insights, technological development and user experience and ensure that our proposed cloud solutions are ready to deploy at full scale through pretotyping and proof-of-concept design.

Building the cloud, the NNIT way

With our catalog of cloud services and our strong partnerships as a solid foundation, you get a reliable and well-architected cloud solution built from proven components, regardless of whether your preferred platform is Microsoft Azure, SAP, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud. 

Rather than locking you in to one specific solution, we use the standardized native tools from your chosen platform as building blocks. Working closely with you through an NNIT specialized process, we tie it all together into a dynamic setup, which can be scaled up or down as needed. And the entire solution is wrapped in compressed and automated monitoring systems to ensure that nothing is compromised.

We help orchestrate, manage and maintain your cloud setup to ensure compliance and reliability for the sake of your business data. 

Migrate safely with Valiance Partners – an NNIT Group Company

The migration experts at Valiance Partners recently joined the NNIT Group, in order to ensure the very best cloud migration services for your valuable data. Valiance Partners has managed and successfully completed more than 500 migrations for over 100 clients, including many of the world's leading pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology companies.

Cloud services datasheet

Get an overview of our Cloud services and the NNIT Cloud Delivery Model



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