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NNIT Enterprise Hybrid Cloud for life sciences

NNIT Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC) is an IaaS service connecting to both Microsoft Azure and private clouds to ensure full data integrity, security and GxP compliance — all while enabling configuration management to comply with customer specific needs.

For most life sciences companies, cloud is only an intention

Since the launch of cloud services, the life sciences industry has been enthusiastic about the benefits of cloud adoption: scalability, elasticity, availability and pay per use, to name a few. But regulatory barriers – data privacy, data integrity, the ability to validate applications, change control and configuration management – have kept life sciences executives from implementing their cloud strategies.

Leverage cloud benefits with full data integrity and GxP compliance

Born out of life sciences, NNIT understands the complex challenges inherent in the industry. That's why we developed a hybrid cloud focused on your unique needs, NNIT Enterprise Hybrid Cloud for life sciences (EHC). This GxP ready-for-inspection solution can connect to both public (via Microsoft Azure) and private (via NNIT) data centers. It ensures tight security and EMA and FDA compliance, and gives you full control of your data. It also offers global scalability, agile functionality and tailored service levels to help keep your costs in control while leveraging the benefits of the cloud.

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A simple, configurable enterprise hybrid cloud portal

The benefits of NNIT GxP cloud services including Microsoft Azure

​NNIT Enterprise Hybrid Cloud enables your company to deploy standard workloads that include your own tools and policies in order to comply with your specific policies. This may include areas such as Antivirus, Application Whitelisting, HIPS, DLP, IAM and Patch Management, but also areas such as License Management.

A GxP-qualified cloud solution

With our solution, you get a global, fast, secure, and future-proof cloud solution. The Cloud solution is qualified according to 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001 and is under control through the use of NNIT Quality Management system, which is based on FDA/EMA requirements and GAMP 5 guidelines. The set-up is inspection ready and we offer insight into our assessment of Microsoft Azure. The platform can only be accessed via NNIT Enterprise Hybrid Cloud. Moreover, the solution enables easy and immediate utilization of global hyper-scale suppliers and provides managed and unmanaged environments that can be scaled as needed and thereby bring the development and test environments to production, while being in compliance and having control over own applications and data at all times.

​​​​​​NNIT offers network and security services that integrate the NNIT Enterprise Hybrid Cloud service successfully into your enterprise network. This includes Microsoft ExpressRoute or Internet VPN support, hybrid network integration and security-hardened private network integration.


A number of security measures and software components are activated when the customer’s infrastructure is extended into Microsoft Azure and kept in control by NNIT EHC:

  • Hardening the Operating System
  • Antivirus Software
  • Configuration Management Agents
  • Microsoft Azure IP Address controls
  • NNIT IP Address controls

​​​​​​NNIT Enterprise Hybrid Cloud enables fast provisioning and decommissioning of workloads in both Microsoft Azure and in NNIT’s data centers. It includes monthly consolidated billing and single point of contact and support.

Services Available

At present the following services are available from the service catalog in the NNIT EHC self-service portal.

  • Basic Cloud Server in a dedicated environment
  • Basic Cloud Server in Microsoft Azure
  • Basic Cloud Server in a shared environment
  • Enhanced Cloud Service
  • Additional third party management tool



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