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Digital Transformation and Innovation

As new digital technologies emerge at an ever-increasing pace, the potential for business transformation and innovation increases as well.

These digital advances not only allow organizations to interact with their customers in ways never before imagined, but to glean valuable insights from business data and develop new products with much greater speed and efficiency than ever before. They inspire new methods of co-operation and project management, such as Agile and DevOps, and require a new mindset for leadership and strategy.

To inspire you, we have collected insights and stories from our customers and partners. Learn from the experts and top performers in a wide range of industries.

NNIT's annual Expectation Barometer focuses on digital trends and takes the pulse of digital transformation in companies. Get insights provided by more than 250 participants, knowledge from NNIT's subject matter experts, and in-depth interviews with the CIOs of some of Denmark's most innovative companies.

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Digital transformation is a prerequisite for survival in the vast majority of industries - and the effects of rapid technological advances can be felt all the way to the core of a company's business.

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Being the CIO can be a difficult balancing act. Learn how to maintain and operate existing IT infrastructure and business applications while also supporting the digital transformation your Line of Business (LoB) requires to stay competitive.

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The explosive developments in modern technology are changing the rules of the business world from day to day. Disruption is a very real threat - or opportunity for those who are able to create agile business models. This requires companies to undertake a sweeping digital transformation, and not least a platform to support such a transformation.

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To be the disrupter instead of the disrupted, your business needs an all-encompassing digital transformation. This means that the classic CIO role of operations is becoming extinct. These days, the CIO needs to be more deeply involved in the business.

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Let your systems analyze, interpret and present data so you and your colleagues can make informed business decisions.

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Digital transformation is not "just" an IT project, and neither should it be born and bred in the IT department. Digital transformation reaches into all areas of the business, and this is why it is crucial for successful transformation that top management is at the forefront of the digital project.

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