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Apply for a Job at JYSK via the Mobile Solution

​​​Simple, quick, and direct. These were the requirements for the IT solution to support the recruitment of staff members at JYSK stores in 17 countries. The result was a mobile solution that is connected directly to the group’s SAP system.
JYSK has made use of modern means to attract the right employees for its stores. In all probability, it is the first large company to develop a simple mobile recruitment solution. 

“Our key requirement was that it should be as easy and quick as possible for the candidates to apply for a job at JYSK. If you have seen one of our job postings, you will already be able to send us an application from the bus,” SAP HR Solution Architect with JYSK, Mathias Iversen, explains.

Even though JYSK has no problem retaining its staff, the company needs new employees for its many stores on a continual basis. In the past, JYSK lost qualified candidates because the applicants gave up in the process. The user
interface for the application procedure was too lengthy and difficult. 

“We missed out on many good candidates. It simply makes good business sense to meet the candidates on their own turf,” Mathias Iversen says. He adds: “Our target group is the young generation, which is born mobile. Therefore, it has to be easy to visit our website from the mobile. And if you notice a job, it has to be easy to send an application. Furthermore, it is also easy to share the job postings on social media, so we are able to reach many people,” Mathias Iversen says. 

He calls the model ’mobile first’ – and then the other platforms will follow. The aim is a quick and efficient process – for the applicants as well as the store managers, who need to hire new staff members for their stores.

Emotional Solution with a Short Lifespan

When JYSK decided to develop a mobile recruitment solution, it set up three rules: First of all, it had to appeal directly to the target group. In other words, it should be more emotional than rational. 

“We wanted to distance ourselves from the complex application, where you had to click through several pages. We wanted an application that is easy and quick to complete. You should be able to apply in one single move – it should be a onepager,” Mathias Iversen explains.

The second rule requires the application to be intuitive and direct. 

A goldfish can focus its attention for nine seconds. A mobile user typically focuses on the same spot for eight seconds. This is the challenge we are facing,” Mathias Iversen says. 

The third rule is a bit more surprising: The solution should be on a ’use and throw away’ basis. 

We expect to review it all over again in just two years. We believe that the development progresses at a speed that makes it necessary for us to redesign the solution in the near future. There is no such thing as a solution to meet future requirements; that was quite clear from the beginning,” Mathias Iversen says.

Separation of the User Interfaceand Business Logic

The user interface for recruitment is developed in HTML5 and runs directly in the mobile browser – or on a PC if this is required. This means that the user interface is compatible with all modern mobile phones and PCs and automatically scales to different screen sizes and operating modes – a so-called responsive design. At the same time, the solution is embedded in the existing JYSK website, which gives the impression of a more integrated and holistic solution than before.
For this solution, NNIT developed a so-called OData layer that translates the user interface with the underlying logic to the underlying JYSK HR system that is based on SAP software. This architecture is prepared for future changes.

“We can easily change the color and size of the boxes in the user interface, just as we are able to change the structure in the application procedure – and still use the same logic in SAP to process the applications and select the right employees,”
Mathias Iversen explains.

With this architecture, JYSK has obtained a solution that makes it possible to reconsider and redesign the user interface, whereas the underlying SAP solution is stable, tested, and reliable.

Find Available Local Jobs with Google Maps

Initially, the new solution has been introduced in 17 countries in Scandinavia as well as Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe – in all the individual local languages. In Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe, there are typically many applicants for each job – sometimes more than a thousand people. This requires a lot from an automatic firsthand selection and prioritization of the applications so that the store managers can concentrate on the most relevant applications. This process is handled by the logic in SAP. In Scandinavia, there are fewer applicants. Here, the challenge is to attract qualified local candidates.

“We have a visualization feature in Google Maps where you can check the map to see if there is a job vacancy in your local area. I am very pleased with this feature because it is helping potential candidates to get on the right track,” Mathias Iversen says.

NNIT Delivers a Transferable Solution

JYSK put the new recruitment system up for tender last spring and already by the end of the summer vacation period, the solution was in place. 

“We talked to different suppliers and we were all very impressed by NNIT’s professionalism – and its
proposed solution. These are very sharp people, who have been able to handle the task very quickly,” Mathias Iversen says – he has assumed the responsibility for the solution after the delivery. He explains: “At JYSK, we have a policy requiring all IT content to be translated into the local languages. It is, therefore, important that we are able to manage
the solution ourselves – and change it, for instance, when we translate into different languages”. 

All things considered, SAP HR Solution Architect with JYSK, Mathias Iversen, is very satisfied: 

“JYSK has obtained a reliable solution that can be renewed and developed further without changing the underlying business logic. This setup ensures that JYSK will be able to attract the most qualified employees and that is one of the basic preconditions of the continued success of JYSK.”



Marius Jeppesen+45 3079 7254mujp@nnit.comVice President Jeppesen



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