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Production Security

NNIT secures your supply chain

Great many production environments struggle with an increasingly complex IT platform and IT landscape. Old un-supported or proprietary solutions, which were designed and implemented in a different age, have been connected to the company network, thus introducing new risks to the production-lines in the supply chain. Furthermore, the threat landscape has changed, and the supply chains are under direct attack. NNIT can help you to address these threats without disturbing the supply chain.

ICS/OT (Industrial Control Systems/Operational IT)
Industrial control system (ICS) is a general term that encompasses several types of control systems used in industrial production, such as manufacturing, electrical, water, oil and gas. 
As the potential attacks on operators of ICS (Industrial Control Systems) are being increasingly linked to international cyber criminals, security practices within private companies are becoming more important and practitioners must scrutinize their operations in order to minimize their exposure to attacks.

We are ready to assist you
NNIT can assist you with crafting an OT-security strategy, designing the OT-security architecture, furthermore translating the high level guidelines into practical and affordable security installations.

NNIT offers various OT security advisory services. All with root in industry recognized standards such as ISA-99/ IEC62443 and NIST SP800-53/82. Also, the frameworks are combined with our vast experience from actual implementations.





Lars Koch​​​​​Senior IT Security Architect Koch Hviid



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