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What happens if your IT systems break down?

​Your IT is crucial

The continuous availability of IT systems is crucial to most companies today. Customer service, purchase transactions and back-office operations are suffering the impact of break downs in your IT systems and it can often have a tremendous effect on your business. The more critical the system or activity, the more severe the impact will be. When minimizing the consequences of unplanned system breakdowns, technical recovery plans (TRP) become a necessity. They provide the operational guidelines to get your systems back to normal as fast as possible with full data restoration.

Plan your way through a disaster

A disaster is defined as an unforeseen event that makes one or several critical systems unavailable for a longer period of time.

Should such an event occur, it is important to know what should be done and in which order. This is what a TRP does – it provides the necessary information to restore your systems infrastructure, applications and data to a defined point in time. TRPs are a good investment to reduce your business risk, since they help companies resume business as usual much faster in a disaster situation.

NNIT’s solution  

NNIT has extensive experience in advising  customers on how to secure their IT infrastructure against disaster scenarios. NNIT builds technical recovery plans using a thoroughly tested approach and we draw on the technical know-how of our experts to work better and faster.

In close cooperation with the customer, NNIT’s approach is to: 

  • Provide Technical Recovery Assessment by experienced and trusted advisers to reduce initial and residual risks 
  • Establish Technical Recovery Plans for the business critical systems within 4-8 weeks 
  • Continuously improve the Technical Recovery Plans to meet market standards








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